Year / Quarter MCP Group Platforms Non-Profits Others
MCP Team: [Discord] Open
Edssay: [Homeschool] Alpha
Officax: [Standalone] Beta
MCP Team: [Services] Open
Easylect: Alpha
Officax: [Cloud] Alpha
AD-APT: Alpha
MCP Media: [Publishing] TAMOL
Universal Fair Use Ordinance
Super Mario Legacy
JEI Assistant

MCP Group

Includes MCP Team – Technical Consultancy located in Toronto; MCP Media – Media Publisher; and MCP Royal – Private Club of friends and families.

 MCP Media - McPlayerTeam

Twitch and YouTube channels dedicated to gaming and entertainment content creation.

 MCP Media - The Arbitrary Meaning of Life

A book in philosophy diving into the meanings of the meaning of life.

 MCP Royal - Hermitcrack Servers

Various Minecraft and Terraria servers.


Suite of business-oriented operation-optimizing applications for professionals, clubs, businesses and enterprises.


Agency of Documentation against Political Terrorism. Focused on but not limited to China and Middle-East regions.


Review and feedback platform along with personal setup profiles.


Practial childhood education utilities plus essay review and proofreading platform.

D&H Trades

Joint holding, trading and investing business.

Fair Use Ordinance

Expansion of the “fair-use” principle for creators to use copyrighted contents more freely, especially for older games and music.

Super Mario Forever

Open-source 3D Super Mario level creation tool and player for Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, Super Mario Odyssey, Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine.